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 Church House, Alcester

Bookings and Hiring

Enquiries for Hiring of Church House facilities should be made to Marion Deeks, 01789 763723.  A Booking form will be provided for completion.

(To ensure availability all  users including Minster groups must book with Marion)

Conditions of Use

 The hirer must be over 21 years of age.

 The building is suitable for a maximum of 60 people.

 The hall is owned by the Church; please treat the building and fittings with respect.

 It is against the law to smoke in our building and we do not allow smoking in the yard.

 Hirers are responsible for their own insurance cover for all claims arising from their events. Our insurance is restricted to Public Liability in connection with the building.

 The hire charge includes electricity, heating and use of the kitchen for making hot drinks. If you expect to use the range cooker, or a substantial amount of electricity, an extra charge would be added.

 Please note the position of any fire extinguishers and other fire appliances, and the exits which you would use in an emergency. A First Aid kit is in a kitchen drawer.

 Afterwards, please return all furniture to its original position, sweep the floor in the main room and leave the kitchen clean and tidy.

 Please take all belongings and rubbish away with you after the event.

All food or drink should be consumed inside. Please note that the use of the yard and passageway is only for access to the toilets.

 The nature of the event must be made clear at the time of booking. The Church Council and Trustees have the right of refusal.

 If alcohol is to be consumed on the premises, this must be made clear at the time of booking.

 The hirer is responsible for Temporary Event Notice submission for activities requiring a licence (please request advice at time of booking).

 Hirers are responsible for their own safeguarding.

 Should you wish to cancel the booking, seven days’ notice is required, otherwise full payment will be required.

R O - April 2022